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Classic massage (50 min.)

BGN 35

Full-body massage using classic massaging techniques that improve blood circulation and enhance metabolism. This massage relaxes and tones the muscles and helps relieve the fatigue and stress both in body and mind.

Combined massage (75 min.)

BGN 50

Deep full-body massage using several methods. A perfect combination of movements from the classic, Thai, Lomi-lomi and Shiatsu massage.

Partial massage (30 min.)

BGN 25

Parts of the body are massaged using classic massaging techniques.

Partial massage (combined – 40 min.)

BGN 30

In addition to some classic techniques, certain elements from the Thai, Lomi-lomi and Shiatsu massage are used.

Sports massage (45 min.)

BGN 40

Applied before or after physical exercise. It contributes to the faster recovery of muscles.

Relaxing massage (anti-stress – 60 min.)

BGN 40

A gentle and relaxing massage that takes away tension from the muscles and regulates the energy flow in the body.

Aroma massage (60 min.)

BGN 45

Using essential oils extracted from blossoms, leaves, tree barks, seeds, trees or herbs. They have a beneficial effect over people’s health, mood and spirit. They also improve blood circulation and have antiseptic, relaxing and energising effect.

Anti-cellulite massage (30 min.)

BGN 35

Aimed at restoring normal blood and lymph circulation which, in turn, improves the elimination of excessive liquids accumulated in the fat cells. The number of procedures is determined individually.